Can we agree? ?>

Can we agree?

Can we agree?

Can we agree to respect the flag and anthem while also making room for the decisions of our friends who are asking for respect for their deep concerns about their role and treatment in our society?

Can we agree to be more civil in our dialogue?

Can we agree to kindly welcome more refugees into our country while also working even harder to ensure that refugees and immigrants don’t intend harm to the people of this land?

Can we agree to listen more to those with opposing views?

Can we agree to protect LGBT friends from bullying and show them love while also agreeing to protect religious communities who are not on board with expanding sexual and gender expressions?

Can we agree to work hard on reducing abortions while also coming together as a community to support pregnant moms and care for parents and kids after babies have been born?

Can we agree to forgive more?

Can we agree to love our veterans in more concrete ways and provide them with the medical care, trauma services, and the friendship that they need as they reintegrate into the larger society?

Can we agree to work toward the interests of the people of the United States while also simultaneously working hard to promote the interests and welfare of our friends around the world?

Can we agree to honor our law enforcement officials while also stepping up accountability and monitoring and oversight of those officials to ensure greater justice and service for all?

Can we agree to genuine and sustained efforts to help those struggling with opioid addictions?

Can we agree to stop bullying others and calling people names when we disagree with them?

Can we agree to listen and serve those in both rural and urban areas of the United States?

Can we agree to do a better job of protecting women, children, and men from sexual predators and to act on knowledge rather than ignoring real concerns?

Can we agree to create policies that serve people in both red and blue states?

Can we agree to only tell the truth and to expose and halt the spread of untruths?

Can we agree to stop boycotting and shutting down those who have differing perspectives?

Can we agree to work to bless our neighbors even if we don’t share their values or faith?

Can we agree to do a better job at loving and caring for the elderly?

Can we agree to all work harder at pursuing and keeping peace?

Can we agree?

2 thoughts on “Can we agree?

  1. Thanks Chuck – yes – the Golden Rule is the lifeline. Of course we all cling to it when we are not in power and are feeling oppressed – but the trick is to remember it when we are feeling in power.

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