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Can we agree? ?>

Can we agree?

Can we agree? Can we agree to respect the flag and anthem while also making room for the decisions of our friends who are asking for respect for their deep concerns about their role and treatment in our society? Can we agree to be more civil in our dialogue? Can we agree to kindly welcome more refugees into our country while also working even harder to ensure that refugees and immigrants don’t intend harm to the people of this land? Can…

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10 Tips for More Civil Social Media Discussions ?>

10 Tips for More Civil Social Media Discussions

The world of social media feels a bit hot right now. There is a lot of simmering and boiling going on! When I log in online or talk with people in real life – many are feeling overwhelmed by the hate, trolls, and just plain meanness that is evident on social media. People are talking past each other or at each other rather than conversing with each other with respect. Personally I’ve made a good number of mistakes in digital…

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Imagine becoming a refugee. ?>

Imagine becoming a refugee.

Imagine. Imagine with me a scenario in the distant future. Imagine the United States going through a period of terrible financial troubles, lots of corruption, a weakened military, and internal and external political problems. Imagine a situation where a powerful nation suddenly surges forward and decides to invade the United States. Unfortunately the U.S. begins to lose battles and state after state falls before this advancing army. Imagine with me that you are peacefully living with your family and working…

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The Law of the Jungle, The Law of Decency, and The Law of Grace ?>

The Law of the Jungle, The Law of Decency, and The Law of Grace

After just his first week in office, I’ve been astounded at the actions and words of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Decision after decision is made that is not wise, kind, or just. There are a lot of ways to look at people’s worldviews in life. One way I look at these worldviews is through the lens of The 3 Laws. These laws are levels of interacting with the world and society. And I’ve been thinking…

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