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Month: December 2016

7 Things I’m celebrating from 2016! ?>

7 Things I’m celebrating from 2016!

My heart is centered on ministering to vulnerable East African children through the work of Lahash International. As I look back on the past year there are a lot of heavy things on my mind. There were failures, sicknesses, missed expectations, regional violence, and relational frictions. Those are real. But there is also a lot to celebrate as well! At this point I can choose to focus on the hardships – or on the places where God demonstrated his power and love in…

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The Joy of a Digital-Free Shabbat ?>

The Joy of a Digital-Free Shabbat

Our souls are running ragged. A few years ago I experienced serious burn-out. It was intense. I had been consumed with a desire to do more for our friends in Africa. It was an overwhelming pressure. As I realized how helpful I could be in speaking up on behalf of vulnerable kids – I also realized I had trouble “turning off.” If I didn’t take that phone call at 2 AM from Kenya there was a strong possibility that a…

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