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Between Cynicism and Hope ?>

Between Cynicism and Hope

Do you feel as if there are times where you are being bashed back and forth between cynicism and hope? Or maybe it is even worse than that? Maybe you are solidly stuck in the sticky mud of cynicism? I often feel this way. There are so many stressful, painful, and harmful things that try to kill our joy and hope in life. We begin to absorb this trauma and pain into our very bodies and then can have trouble…

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Finding God in the Wild Places ?>

Finding God in the Wild Places

I live in Oregon. The beautiful Pacific Northwest. Recently I’ve been enjoying drives and hikes out into the wild places to savor the sights, smells, and sounds. This part of the world features dazzling waterfalls and rivers, endless green forests, and the snow-capped Cascade mountains. It really is a treasure to live here. As I’ve been exploring – one of my favorite parts has been to burst through a bunch of bushes or round a corner and come up on…

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10 Tips for More Civil Social Media Discussions ?>

10 Tips for More Civil Social Media Discussions

The world of social media feels a bit hot right now. There is a lot of simmering and boiling going on! When I log in online or talk with people in real life – many are feeling overwhelmed by the hate, trolls, and just plain meanness that is evident on social media. People are talking past each other or at each other rather than conversing with each other with respect. Personally I’ve made a good number of mistakes in digital…

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Where is God? ?>

Where is God?

Our world is home to A LOT of suffering people right now. There is a growing list of nations which are in conflict and experiencing unrest at the moment. Danger and bloodshed are present in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Nigeria… the list goes on. There are 65 million people who’ve been forcibly displaced (the highest ever recorded in history). Injustice, violence, hunger, famine… where does it end? We may be tempted to ask – “Where is God?”…

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The Law of the Jungle, The Law of Decency, and The Law of Grace ?>

The Law of the Jungle, The Law of Decency, and The Law of Grace

After just his first week in office, I’ve been astounded at the actions and words of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Decision after decision is made that is not wise, kind, or just. There are a lot of ways to look at people’s worldviews in life. One way I look at these worldviews is through the lens of The 3 Laws. These laws are levels of interacting with the world and society. And I’ve been thinking…

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Lessons Learned from Clark Blakeman ?>

Lessons Learned from Clark Blakeman

Yesterday we attended a service in memory of my friend and coworker Clark Blakeman. Clark and I have been friends and involved in work together for nearly a decade. On December 21st he went to be with Jesus after a long battle with cancer. As I’ve reflected on his life during the past couple of weeks I’ve thought about some of the things I learned from Clark over the years. Be a Listener Clark was a genuinely unique listener in…

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The Joy of a Digital-Free Shabbat ?>

The Joy of a Digital-Free Shabbat

Our souls are running ragged. A few years ago I experienced serious burn-out. It was intense. I had been consumed with a desire to do more for our friends in Africa. It was an overwhelming pressure. As I realized how helpful I could be in speaking up on behalf of vulnerable kids – I also realized I had trouble “turning off.” If I didn’t take that phone call at 2 AM from Kenya there was a strong possibility that a…

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Learning Gratitude from Clark ?>

Learning Gratitude from Clark

Clark is a dear friend and collaborator in ministry. He’s just one all-around amazing guy. We’ve had some great adventures together over the years. Right now he is battling cancer. I’m learning so much about gratitude from him right now. I often get so knocked off track by little frustrations in my day. Little things bug me and I get stressed out, judgmental, and I start to wonder why God can’t just clear up the messes piling up around me….

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